Anika and Liz discuss bisexuality in Star Trek -- a topic which has been on our agenda since the only on-screen representation was the Mirror Universe. Thank heavens times have changed! ...Right?

  • Because, wow, the MU is not the place to go for good rep!
  • Headcanons are not the same as canonical representation
  • Pine is a top-tier Chris
  • Deniable, erasable and word-of-God queerness in media
  • The Trill Problem, part 1: We need to talk about Jadzia
  • An unpopular opinion? On Antimatter Pod? It's more likely than you think!
  • The Trill Problem, part 2: Beverly and Odan
  • Headcanon is not canon, but let's talk about Will Riker anyway
  • Raffi Musiker and Beckett Mariner: a tale of two showrunners
  • "Every Starfleet officer is probably, at baseline, bisexual in a way."
  • But why IS Michael Chabon the arbiter of what constitutes "organic" queer representation?
  • Biphobia in media and fandom
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