We're joined by Sam to discuss Tasha Yar and Ellen Landry: two very different women who share the same job, whose potential as characters was never quite realised. 

Discussed along the way: 

  • "Yesterday's Enterprise", Sela and more missed opportunities
  • What if "Parallels" but with a million different versions of Landry?
  • Star Trek's discarded women
  • Sam's Landry OTP

We also share some of our hopes and fears for season 2 of Discovery.

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Wing woman (n) - A female friend who accompanies one to social events, acts as facilitator of encounters with potential romantic or sexual partners and wards off unwanted attention. 

Anika and Liz ask the big questions: who, among Star Trek's many female characters, would be the best wing women? And who would be the worst? It's something light and frothy for the final days of 2018. 


  • at least three women are described as "the ultimate wing woman" because what even are words?
  • the Borg Queen will need all the help she can get
  • maybe we just want more women interacting in Star Trek

This episode's audio issues: variations in volume, and there's a leaf blower in the background around the 20 minute mark. Also some birds. Turns out there are downsides to recording on a beautiful, sunny summer morning. 

You'll find more show notes at https://antimatterpod.tumblr.com/post/181443121924/02-the-ultimate-wing-woman


Anika and Liz go back to the beginning of it all: "The Cage", the unaired Star Trek pilot starring Jeffrey Hunter, Majel Barrett, and Leonard Nimoy as a cheery guy named Spock.

We're joined by guest Ellie, who watched "The Cage" for the first time, and is here to say what everyone's thinking: the Talosians' heads look like butts. 

We also cover important issues, such as: 

  • wigs
  • shorts in space
  • Number One, Michael Burnham and stoic female characters
  • wild speculation about Discovery's approach to Chris Pike, Number One and Spock
  • how does "The Cage" manage to get more sexist with every passing decade?
  • they may have giant brains, but maybe the Talosians aren't actually that bright

Further show notes can be found on Tumblr.