Episode 4 of Star Trek: Picard raised a lot of questions! Like, does the show want us to dislike Picard? And, when will Elnor get his cat? 

Discussed this week: 

  • a Twitter troll accused Liz of having a "heavily misandrist" Star Trek podcast, and yes, we are very proud, thank you 
  • Una McCormack's The Last Best Hope, a prequel to Star Trek: Picard (including spoilery chat about one particular subplot; if you don't want to know, skip ahead from where Liz warns of spoilers to approximately 07:21)
  • the regrettable racism in this series
  • and sexism
  • and heteronormativity
  • Elnor is a perfect angel who deserves many cats
  • we all deserve cats

And more!

The End! Is the Beginning! 

It's season 1, episode 3 of Star Trek: Picard, and we're discussing: 

  • Romulannisters! Uh, are we meant to see this much chemistry between the Romulan siblings? [If this subject matter squicks you, skip ahead to about the 03:50 mark.]
  • Smoking and space bongs and visual shorthand in Star Trek
  • Ego as Picard's besetting flaw
  • It's always a mistake to think too hard about the Federation economy, but here we are again
  • Does Cris Rios need a baby Yoda?
  • Has Agnes Jurati been brainwashed?
  • We love our weird new space family and we don't want a single character to die
  • Soji's job is more interesting than her romance with Narek
  • Storytelling via literary references
  • What would Soji read? Hit us up at @antimatterpod on Twitter and share your thoughts!

We discuss episode 2 of Star Trek: Picard, "Maps and Legends" -- an episode which contains very few legends and no maps at all. We're talking: 

  • Romulans! (And Vulcans)
  • Exposition!
  • Women dunking on Picard!
  • Detective fiction!
  • Classism! 
  • And more!

We're back! And we're talking about the first episode of Star Trek: Picard, "Remembrance". 

It's difficult to get into a full list of topics covered without spoiling the episode's twists, but here's the short, vague version -- we talk about...

  • exposition
  • the treatment of black people in the script
  • journalism in Star Trek
  • 21st century moral dilemmas
  • the characters
  • the settings
  • nuclear fission -- or fusion, Liz isn't sure of the difference
  • Adam Driver

TL;DR we liked it but...

In our last episode before the launch of Star Trek: Picard, we talk about the character of Jean-Luc Picard himself: an aristocrat who aspires to be a street hero, a man who seems to embody the Federation establishment, yet surrounds himself with outsiders.

We also consider: 

  • hobbies and ongoing education in the world of Star Trek
  • legacies
  • depictions of PTSD in Star Trek
  • the secret underground bear pong league on the Enterprise-D

And, just in case it sounded like we were very focused and on-topic, Liz also pitches the next Charlie's Angels movie.

For more links, check out antimatterpod.tumblr.com.

"This isn't a romance. It's a horror story." 

Anika and Liz take a look at TNG's "Sub Rosa". And, you know, we try really hard to be positive about matters Trekkish, even in the face of (say) a favourite character taking a photon torpedo in the face. 

But there's no getting around it: "Sub Rosa" is terrible. 

We talk about consent, depictions of sexuality in Star Trek, and the ... interesting takes on this episode from the people who made it. 

We also discuss...

  • Star Trek and gothic fiction: a combination doomed to failure?
  • Why the only man for Major Kira is (prime) Gabriel Lorca
  • (Really!)
  • The new comics setting up the Picard series
  • Beverly's approach to relationships

And we wonder, does Ronin help out around the house? Do the dishes? Probably not!

Note: Given the nature of "Sub Rosa", we're discussing sex and rape far more than in the average episode. 

You can find links and credits for our theme music at antimatterpod.tumblr.com.

We're considering the notorious Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, wildly reviled as the worst Trek movie ever. And, well, we kind of like it! Why?

  • Spock turns out to have yet another sibling he forgot to tell anyone about!
  • The Nimbus III Three
  • David Warner has never been sexier
  • Who doesn't love a space cult?
  • Caithlin Dar and Vixis and Uhura, oh my!

We also wonder: 

  • Is it possible Shatner is a better director than he's given credit for?
  • Does Starfleet need more knitwear?
  • Where did they get the palm fronds for Uhura's nude dance, and how come Kirk never gets to do the sexy dancing?

Content note: because this is a deeply flawed movie, we also have to talk about the murder of the exotic dancer -- if you would prefer to skip that content, the discussion runs from approximately 49:20 to 51:52. Or, for a more detailed conversation about sex work in Trek in general, and this scene in particular, we recommend episode 80 of Women at Warp.

Slightly belated discussion of New York Comic Con and the new trailers for Discovery and Picard, and also the two new Short Treks: "Q&A" and "The Trouble With Edward". (Well. They were new when we scheduled this episode.)

Also covered: 

  • Liz met Jason Isaacs
  • Are the Disco writers softening us up for something controversial?
  • How the Federation is like the Catholic Church
  • No, really!
  • Are we meant to be shipping Spock and Una?
  • (too late, we ship it)
  • Which Antimatter Pod host would eat a tribble? (Spoilers: one of us is an appalled vegetarian!)

Link: Women at Warp talk to Hanelle M. Culpepper about directing Star Trek.

To celebrate getting to thirty episodes, we invited listeners to submit questions! And went from worrying we wouldn't get any (so embarrassing) to putting out an 80 minute episode...

We get to talk about the evolution of Star Trek's storytelling after the introduction of the VCR; assembling an all-female-character heist team; Klingon clickbait; genderswaps; our hopes for season 3 of Discovery; and, most importantly, which characters -- if any -- could defeat a goose in single combat, armed with a bat'leth


Having spent their formative years in Voyager shipping circles -- don't worry, we'll define terms -- Liz and Anika talk romance on Voyager. 

(Note: although we are generally family friendly...ish, this episode is definitely more PG-13 than others. And Liz uses the term "bone down" more than once, which is weird, because the words had never passed her lips before the day of recording.)

Pairings discussed: 

  • Neelix/Kes (and Paris/Kes)
  • Paris/Torres
  • Janeway/Chakotay
  • Janeway/Paris
  • Chakotay/Seven
  • Torres/Seven
  • Janeway/Kashyk
  • Janeway/that hologram dude, ugh
  • (we might be biased)
  • Janeway/Tuvok
  • Other Tuvok ships
  • Paris/Kim
  • Harry/Seven
  • Harry/...anyone? 
  • Doctor/Seven
  • Carey/Wildman

Also covered: are Discords the new mailing list? AO3 and the Hugo Awards. Wild speculation about Tuvok's prowess. B'Elanna and Seven's romance novel book club. And one wild card shipping option. 

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