We're joined by friend of the podcast Tim, who tells us about the IMDB ratings system and how it reflects fandom's biases. Sounds dry? No, it's fascinating! At least to us…

[Note: we had some audio challenges with this episode, and Tim is not always as audible as we'd like -- apologies.]

  • What is the IMDB ratings systems and why should Anika, specifically, care?
  • The short answer: sexism 
  • That is, certain Treks (you can probably guess which ones) are rated higher by women than men (the IMDB system is purely binary), and far more men rate things than women
  • "It's ruined childhoods again, that's what it is."
  • This week's digression takes us into Doctor Who fandom
  • Discovery versus The Orville (but only in terms of IMDB ratings because Anika and Liz have so far declined to watch The Orville)
  • Star Trek: Continues weirdly has the highest rating of any non-TNG Trek

We are a seaQuest DSV podcast. We have always been a seaQuest DSV podcast. Specifically, we're discussing the pilot episode, "To Be Or Not To Be".

  • The near future: 2018
  • So where's our reboot?
  • Underwater Tom Paris
  • Liz's very first Cranky Older Woman In A Position Of Authority
  • Hitchcock/Kreig: okay, imagine B'Elanna and Neelix were married...
  • Marilyn Stark: we want to love her, but she is not a good character
  • Does modern television need more talking dolphins?
  • he younger and sexier season 2
  • That thing where you glom onto a minor character actor and try to follow their career … without the internet
  • A conversation about following career actors evolves into Liz just straight-up spoiling the end of Major Crimes.

It's the podcast that leaves us thinking, man, maybe we SHOULD do a full seaQuest rewatch pod...

Anika and Liz discuss bisexuality in Star Trek -- a topic which has been on our agenda since the only on-screen representation was the Mirror Universe. Thank heavens times have changed! ...Right?

  • Because, wow, the MU is not the place to go for good rep!
  • Headcanons are not the same as canonical representation
  • Pine is a top-tier Chris
  • Deniable, erasable and word-of-God queerness in media
  • The Trill Problem, part 1: We need to talk about Jadzia
  • An unpopular opinion? On Antimatter Pod? It's more likely than you think!
  • The Trill Problem, part 2: Beverly and Odan
  • Headcanon is not canon, but let's talk about Will Riker anyway
  • Raffi Musiker and Beckett Mariner: a tale of two showrunners
  • "Every Starfleet officer is probably, at baseline, bisexual in a way."
  • But why IS Michael Chabon the arbiter of what constitutes "organic" queer representation?
  • Biphobia in media and fandom

Liz and Anika go back to the '70s and discuss a write-up of a panel on feminism in Treklit. "Treklit?" you ask. We young'uns call it fan fiction these days.

Topics covered include:

  • Changes in the way we talk about fic
  • Reminiscences about mailing lists
  • How fic reflects the time it’s written
  • Early fandom racism
  • Anti-feminism in fic
  • The thorny question of content curation, warnings, ratings and acceptable content in fic
  • Fic as a valid subject for critical analysis
  • Liz makes a confession about her sockpuppet past
  • “Again, I don’t wanna be an anti…”
  • A brief digression into X-Men, Anika’s Mary Sue marriage to Sarek, and WandaVision
  • “Are women people?” (Related: How do you write a good female character? We are still having these discussions?)
  • Is it possible to have … too much feminism?!
  • “At least a third of Trekfen are male.” Why is fic dominated by women? The ladies of the '70s had some theories...

Please note there's a discussion about incest in fic between 31:08 and 31:02.

Anika and Liz revisit one of the most universally praised episodes of The Original Series ... and it really is that good.

  • We have nice things to say about Shatner
  • Edith's don't-punch-Nazis attitude is ... challenging in 2021! We hash it out with a little help from The Clone Wars
  • How Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is like Game of Thrones
  • The Kirk/Spock of it all
  • We did not deserve DeForest Kelley
  • A digression into CBS procedurals

It's the episode where a psychotic break involves more time travel than most!

Liz and Anika sit down to discuss the Voyager pilot "Caretaker", and end up with a podcast almost as long as the episode itself!

  • We are not good at maths
  • “It’s a good pilot, but not a good episode.”
  • The script has a really complicated relationship with Janeway’s femininity
  • Tom Paris is a truly awful character in the pilot (and for a while after)
  • Chakotay: stereotypes and racism abound
  • Tuvok is magnificent and we love him
  • Harry Kim and the completely unsupported idea that he’s bad with women
  • We love and adore Kes and hate most of the storylines for her
  • (We also love and adore age gap relationships … except Kes/Neelix)
  • “Neelix doesn’t know what a boundary is.”
  • B’Elanna doesn’t play a big role in the pilot, so we make up for it by discussing her whole arc over seven seasons
  • The Doctor is basically just Cranky Siri in the pilot
  • The paternalism in this story

Other episodes discussed: 

“Basics Part 2”
“Journey’s End” (TNG)

Notes: At one point, Liz refers to Evan Evagora as “half-Maori”. A better term would have been “of Maori heritage”, rather than a phrase which suggests some sort of division or blood quantum. My apologies.

It’s our 69th episode! Nice. Also, Discovery wrapped up its third season -- and finally stuck the landing.


  • Season 3 repudiates nearly everything we hated about season 2
  • Finally Owosekun gets a moment
  • Liz has decided to ship Owo/Zora
  • “We are Starfleet”: it’s basically the flipped version of “this is not America”
  • The new uniforms are bad and we hate them
  • Liz quotes Meatloaf
  • Expanding from motherhood stories to parenthood stories
  • The Moffat era of Discovery

We're taking a break for a month or so, but if there's a topic you want to hear us discuss, let us know! We're on Twitter at @antimatterpod, and you can also reach us at antimatterpod.tumblr.com.

Anika's back! But where is Lt Nilsson...? (Did Grudge eat her?)

This ep has some audio issues, as Liz learns new software, but we manage to discuss:

  • Is this Christmas homage a Die Hard episode?
  • Osyraa and Vance level up in characterisation
  • Osyraa/Vance arranged marriage fic now pls
  • Does Osyraa need to raid Georgiou’s wardrobe?
  • RIP Anika’s Andorian
  • We EXPLICITLY SAID we didn’t want to know how the replicators work
  • Who is the Federation President? Our candidates include Voyager's EMH, and also Grudge

Liz is joined again by Fran as we investigate the cause of the Burn.

  • Another haunted house, another recurrence of the season’s theme of confronting fear and ugly truths
  • Su’Kal: the most 2020 hero
  • The cause of the Burn: a child the Federation failed to rescue
  • In fact, the Federation destroyed itself through its own complacency
  • This is a story which prioritises emotional intelligence over logic
  • Do we need to report Book to the Space RSPCA?
  • Osyraa’s costume tells a story 

It's the episode where we absolutely refuse to get into the question of whether the food you eat on the holodeck is real!

Liz is joined by Fran to discuss “Terra Firma” part 2. Where is Anika? Only mirror!Fran knows…

  • So it turns out the mirror universe is not a fun place to hang?
  • The Terran Empire was always destined to fall
  • A redemption arc, or a reformation arc?
  • “You don’t fail upwards in the mirror universe.”
  • Saving Saru
  • Liz spoils the end of The Good Place
  • We talk a lot about Gabriel Lorca and Harry Mudd, which is weird since they don’t actually appear in this episode
  • Sorry, we really did have to discuss Lorca’s priest fetish and make fun of his screen name
  • The return and demise (again) of Ellen Landry
  • Vance is oddly inconsistent
  • Do we need to see Vance in his jim-jams? For ... character development reasons? 

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