Liz and Anika go back to the '70s and discuss a write-up of a panel on feminism in Treklit. "Treklit?" you ask. We young'uns call it fan fiction these days.

Topics covered include:

  • Changes in the way we talk about fic
  • Reminiscences about mailing lists
  • How fic reflects the time it’s written
  • Early fandom racism
  • Anti-feminism in fic
  • The thorny question of content curation, warnings, ratings and acceptable content in fic
  • Fic as a valid subject for critical analysis
  • Liz makes a confession about her sockpuppet past
  • “Again, I don’t wanna be an anti…”
  • A brief digression into X-Men, Anika’s Mary Sue marriage to Sarek, and WandaVision
  • “Are women people?” (Related: How do you write a good female character? We are still having these discussions?)
  • Is it possible to have … too much feminism?!
  • “At least a third of Trekfen are male.” Why is fic dominated by women? The ladies of the '70s had some theories...

Please note there's a discussion about incest in fic between 31:08 and 31:02.

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