Liz and Anika sit down to discuss the Voyager pilot "Caretaker", and end up with a podcast almost as long as the episode itself!

  • We are not good at maths
  • “It’s a good pilot, but not a good episode.”
  • The script has a really complicated relationship with Janeway’s femininity
  • Tom Paris is a truly awful character in the pilot (and for a while after)
  • Chakotay: stereotypes and racism abound
  • Tuvok is magnificent and we love him
  • Harry Kim and the completely unsupported idea that he’s bad with women
  • We love and adore Kes and hate most of the storylines for her
  • (We also love and adore age gap relationships … except Kes/Neelix)
  • “Neelix doesn’t know what a boundary is.”
  • B’Elanna doesn’t play a big role in the pilot, so we make up for it by discussing her whole arc over seven seasons
  • The Doctor is basically just Cranky Siri in the pilot
  • The paternalism in this story

Other episodes discussed: 

“Basics Part 2”
“Journey’s End” (TNG)

Notes: At one point, Liz refers to Evan Evagora as “half-Maori”. A better term would have been “of Maori heritage”, rather than a phrase which suggests some sort of division or blood quantum. My apologies.

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