It's almost unheard of for a network to reject a pilot, only to request a new one. But Star Trek always was a bit special. Anika and Liz are here to discuss "Where No Man Has Gone Before", the second -- and successful -- Star Trek pilot. And we have to ask -- is this real Star Trek, or just a generic action-adventure story wearing a Starfleet uniform, a shameless money grab, a blatant jumping of the shark? 

  • But seriously, this is a strangely violent and callous episode!
  • Anika points out the ways it revisits ideas from "The Cage"
  • Gary Mitchell is THE WORST; he's also, essentially, fanon!Kirk
  • #ElizabethDehnerDeservedBetter
  • Anika's paean to Chris Pine, The Best Kirk
  • Was Tilly at the Academy with Kirk and Mitchell? (Yes.)
  • Is this all an elaborate plot by Spock to replace Gary Mitchell as Kirk's BFF? (Also yes.)
  • Can we make this decades-old episode all about Admiral Cornwell? (Absolutely.)
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