When we planned this episode, we thought we were just going to talk about the newly announced Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. But real events took over, and so we encourage our listeners to donate to the ACLU, Black Lives Matters groups, FreeHer and other organisations raising money to fight systematic racism, injustice and police brutality. Check out antimatterpod.tumblr.com for specifics.

It's very difficult to pivot from that important business to something as frivolous as Star Trek! But we also discuss: 

  • the extremely unfortunate optics of announcing a new series with an all-white (so far) cast
  • we are still not over Katrina Cornwell's death
  • SNW as an opportunity to revisit the characters Discovery left behind
  • optimism versus idealism, and how avoiding conflict only serves to protect the status quo
  • pandering to fans (and which voices are heard)
  • episodic storytelling as an opportunity to open the writers room to more diverse voices
  • Jeffrey Combs as Dr Boyce: we're into it
  • concept: John Boyega. Star Trek. Make it so.

This week's pitch for a series that will never happen: Alexander Rozhenko: Attorney at Law.

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