We're talking about the medical professionals of Trek, including: 

  • the changing prominence of doctors and medicine in Star Trek
  • uh, does Phlox actually have a medical degree?
  • our favourite doctor (and the good characters versus the ones we'd want actually treating us)
  • Liz's nursing rant and Anika's related ER rant (it's on topic! We promise!)
  • we have ... questions about Klingon medicine
  • mental health professionals
  • medical technology

Episodes discussed in detail: 

  • "Miri" (TOS)
  • "The Child" and "Ethics" (TNG)
  • "The Quickening" (DS9)
  • "Critical Care" (VOY)

There's also a lot more discussion than usual about Covid and US politics after about the one hour mark, which we're flagging in case you're tired and need to prioritise escapism.

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