"This isn't a romance. It's a horror story." 

Anika and Liz take a look at TNG's "Sub Rosa". And, you know, we try really hard to be positive about matters Trekkish, even in the face of (say) a favourite character taking a photon torpedo in the face. 

But there's no getting around it: "Sub Rosa" is terrible. 

We talk about consent, depictions of sexuality in Star Trek, and the ... interesting takes on this episode from the people who made it. 

We also discuss...

  • Star Trek and gothic fiction: a combination doomed to failure?
  • Why the only man for Major Kira is (prime) Gabriel Lorca
  • (Really!)
  • The new comics setting up the Picard series
  • Beverly's approach to relationships

And we wonder, does Ronin help out around the house? Do the dishes? Probably not!

Note: Given the nature of "Sub Rosa", we're discussing sex and rape far more than in the average episode. 

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