We're talking about Enterprise -- specifically the first two seasons:

  • Our first encounters with the series, and why it wasn't a great introduction to Trek for Anika's eldest daughter
  • Liz unearthed her reviews on the Wayback Machine and was appalled by her attitude towards Jolene Blalock
  • In this house, we love and support T'Pol
  • Archer is the worst captain (but Anika loves him)
  • Trek for the George W Bush era (complete with off-topic anecdote about Liz bringing a cardboard Lucius Malfoy cutout to an anti-war protest for reasons that weren't clear even in 2003...)
  • We try not to swear on the pod, but Liz drops an F-bomb and a full rant about "Cogenitor"
  • We also talk about the stuff we actually liked, and not all of them are Andorians!

See antimatterpod.tumblr.com for more detailed show notes, including a link to Liz's old review site and the return of the podcast sketch.

[At the end, we claim the next episode will be covering Trek news out of SDCC. That is, of course, a lie; we changed the order around. Like the Prophets of Bajor, we exist outside linear time.]

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