Content warning: We discuss school shootings, gun violence and child death a LOT in this episode, but specific time stamps are as follows: 

  • Conversation about the Uvalde massacre from 4:30 to 6:26
  • The coronavirus death toll: 8:42 to 9:01 but also Liz is very mean about the British to 10:04
  • Back to school shootings, and also Kenobi, from 25:41 to 31:38

Anika and Liz don their finest catsuits to plan a jail break and discuss episodes 6 ("Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach") and 7 ("The Serene Squall") of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

  • Is it possible we are being punked? Is everyone else getting a different, better version of Strange New Worlds?
  • If you're going to rip off Le Guin, at least try and do a good job
  • Everyone who called Discovery "grimdark" and "nihilistic" owes it an apology
  • It left the sexism behind, but otherwise Strange New Worlds is very much the heir to Enterprise
  • We are very concerned for M'Benga and Rukia, and also very mad about fandom's racism towards them
  • Following last episode's strong anti-child-eating stance, we're going to take another radical position: maybe we shouldn't let children die?
  • Anika will not stand by and let Liz criticise the Star Wars prequels
  • SNW is like season 3 of Voyager: competent but not in any way groundbreaking or remarkable
  • "The Serene Squall" owes something to How Much For Just The Planet? Except that was … good
  • We've seen Our Flag Means Death, we have standards when it comes to comedy pirates
  • Honestly, we would feel better about the trans/non-binary representation here if the writers were not cis and the writing was not so heteronormative
  • (It's so heteronormative!)
  • Anika has a controversial opinion: let's decanonise TOS
  • Hey, remember when this series had two Black regulars? Where'd they go?
  • Maybe they're in the same place as that emotional continuity we were promised?
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