Anika and Liz have put on our memorial pins and fishing hats (and briefly considered, then rejected, a body swap) to discuss Star Trek: Strange New Worlds episodes Memento Mori and Spock Amok...

  • Everyone says SNW is a good show and we're starting to feel a bit gaslit…
  • "Memento Mori" and SNW's whole depiction of the Gorn becomes uncomfortable when you look at "Arena" and realise they were conceived as an allegory for Native Americans
  • Liz cites Finding Eliza by Larissa Behrendt as, among other things, an examination of the European preoccupation with cannibalism
  • It's weird how Worf, Michael and La'an all have exactly the same backstory
  • Anika is explicitly opposed to eating children
  • We were promised that SNW would have serialised emotional arcs, so … why is La'an fine now?
  • Ortegas will be getting a second dimension to her character any day, right…? 
  • It's troubling how sidelined MBenga has been through this season, especially when you consider the racial dynamics and how Uhura gets one whole line in "Spock Amok"
  • Clearly Spock/T'Pring is doomed BUT CONSIDER: movie-era Spock/T'Pring! Picard attended the wedding of Sarek's son in the early 2300s! THINK ABOUT IT!
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