Anika and Liz go back to the beginning of it all: "The Cage", the unaired Star Trek pilot starring Jeffrey Hunter, Majel Barrett, and Leonard Nimoy as a cheery guy named Spock.

We're joined by guest Ellie, who watched "The Cage" for the first time, and is here to say what everyone's thinking: the Talosians' heads look like butts. 

We also cover important issues, such as: 

  • wigs
  • shorts in space
  • Number One, Michael Burnham and stoic female characters
  • wild speculation about Discovery's approach to Chris Pike, Number One and Spock
  • how does "The Cage" manage to get more sexist with every passing decade?
  • they may have giant brains, but maybe the Talosians aren't actually that bright

Further show notes can be found on Tumblr.

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